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Private Jet Rental

Aerodynamics is one of the best private flight companies that offers you the most comfortable and exclusive way to travel through its offer of executive flights.


A personalized, efficient luxury aircraft rental service with total flexibility of routes and schedules.


Since we have:


  • An extensive fleet of private jets, both in Malaga and in airports anywhere in the world
  • Always land at the closest airport to your destination. Reach remote locations where regular line services don’t.
  • There is nothing comparable to flying surrounded by design, excellence and comfort.
  • Your privacy is guaranteed, as well as maximum protection, we comply with the highest international security protocols.

 In business trips we seek the greatest productivity and adaptability for your company, guaranteeing maximum agility in your flights, as well as a private flight company we adapt to program changes and alterations to the agenda, offering you a solution in the shortest possible time.


If you have a tight schedule, we provide excellent flight planning that will allow you to reach multiple cities in a single day. Over short distances, count on the flexibility and agility offered by helicopter flights.

Where are we flying to today?


Certified Operator
Private Jets (AOC)

Since 1996 we have been private jet operators, managing fleets of all kinds. Since then we have made thousands of private planes available to our clients all over the world.


As an AOC (Air Operator’s Certificate), we are able to provide you, wherever you need it, with the rental of private jets at the best price, both for domestic and international flights.


Feel free to choose. We advise you on the selection of private rental flights that best suits the service you demand at all times, guaranteeing you arrive at your destination in the safest and most comfortable way.


At Aerodynamics we offer a wide range of comprehensive services for the management of private aircraft: Management, flight dispatch, hiring, crew management, flight hours marketing, quality management and aircraft maintenance.


In addition, our Travel Management services are designed to make your trip perfect from start to finish:

  • Catering during the flight
  • Meeting special needs of passengers
  • A private car at the foot of the track to take you to your destination
  • The reservation of a specific hotel or restaurant
  • If you want to cover any other service you will only have to communicate it

We work as air consultants for individuals, companies and travel agencies, offering personalized attention and a quick response to our clients at all times.


Likewise, Aerodynamics puts at your disposal the speed and safety of the medical flight service, both with ambulance planes and helicopters.


Charter flights from Malaga


We organize your charter flight in private jets, carrying out operational monitoring before, during and after the flight.


We make the group flight experience easy and pleasant, making your trip as simple as possible and guaranteeing the highest international security protocols.


We have access to a large fleet of charter aircraft that we put at the service of our clients, whether individuals, companies or travel agencies, to whom we always offer the most advanced private aviation at very competitive prices.


For groups of more than a certain number of passengers, we can charter commercial aircraft, thus avoiding dependency on routes and schedules of large airlines.


Throughout the year we offer a 24-hour service in which excellence is guaranteed at all levels. For this we have a complete highly qualified team, in charge of ensuring the quality of the service provided.


As Aerodynamics is a certified flight operator, we manage Empty Legs (planes that return empty to their base airport), which allow us to offer our clients interesting savings on their flight reservations.


Private Aircraft Brokers


At Aerodynamics we are trusted brokers for a good number of people and companies that own aircraft. Likewise, we offer you an advisory service to buy a private plane.

Purchase and sale of aircraft

In aircraft purchase and sale operations, we take care, if required, of all the procedures for the registration and constitution of aircraft insurance policies, as well as the confidential, direct and updated information on the status of the exploitation of each plane.


Our advisory service in the purchase and sale of aircraft is based on knowledge of the sector and on a periodic analysis of optimal and profitable solutions. Qualified experts from our team are always available to advise you to optimize your investment and profit.

Aircraft and private fleet management

As certified operators (AOC), we operate and manage private flights, helping our clients to make their fleet profitable, keeping it on the ground only for the time necessary to leave it ready for the next flight, and avoiding as much as possible that, when faced with a one-way journey, the aircraft returns empty.


By having our own maintenance service, we are in optimal conditions to certify that the airworthiness of the aircraft remains valid at all times.

Import / Export of Aircraft

We carry out comprehensive advice on each step of the import and export procedure for airplanes and helicopters in accordance with current legislation.

Legal Advice

We provide advisory services and aeronautical auditing, both in matters related to private management, as well as in matters related to the conduct of relations with the civil aviation public administration.


If you would like to speak to one of our training consultants for a customized package to suit your needs, please contact us.

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